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[ Enshu Textile ] 80% Cotton 20% Linen Prepeller

[ Enshu Textile ] 80% Cotton 20% Linen Prepeller

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Both thick and thin yarns are used for both warp and weft. Weaving by cross-weaving, A three-dimensional fabric with unevenness on the surface. The fabric has a moderate thickness, but is surprisingly light.

In addition, the fabric itself is very soft and does not shrink significantly even after washing because it has undergone a strong triple wash process before it becomes the opposite side.

(Can be cut in 10cm units)

part number OFR6022
fabric width 106cm
production area Enshu/Hamamatsu / Japan
material 80% cotton
20% hemp
processing triple wash
Sales unit Cut in 10cm units

Depending on the timing of your order, we may run out of stock of the correct cloth, but in that case, we will inform you of the delivery date immediately.

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