OFURIYA® のものがたり



The story of OFURIYA

A one-of-a-kind story created from scratch.

OFURIYA's clothes are made by putting the customer's thoughts on the blueprint of pure white clothes.

Shape what you want to wear more freely.

It is a sewing atelier that tailors the thoughts of the wearer.

While cherishing the thought of "getting along with clothes".

Each person has their own style of clothing. As a sewing atelier, we can continue to create that style. We aim to be able to manufacture and provide the products that our customers need at any time.

Now that the way of clothing is changing, it is necessary to use what is necessary without being constrained by common sense and conditions. create only
Most of OFURIYA's products are
By using natural fibers such as organic cotton, linen, wool, and recycled fibers whose production areas and producers are clear, and using chemical fiber fabrics to create more durable products, we are contributing to the environment as much as possible. We try to make our products with sustainable materials.
In addition, OFURIYA's OEM is "what you need, only as much as you need."
We manufacture a wide variety of products in small lots.
OFURIYA makes clothes with such thoughts in mind.
Trade name Tanaka Clothing Co., Ltd.

Atelier Tokyo, Kunitachi, Nishi 2-30-43 / 〒186-0005

INZ Logistics Center 268 Shimookinaka, Heiwacho, Inazawa City, Aichi Prefecture / 490-1323

Established April 1954
Capital 38 million yen
A manufacturing retailer that provides "OFURIYA", which plans, produces, sells, and makes to order textile products.
OEM production of textile products / Manufacture and wholesale of textile products such as innerwear, legwear, and towels



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