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About returns and exchanges

If you wish to return or exchange an item, please contact us by e-mail, chat, or telephone within one week after you receive the item. Please note that we will not be able to accept returns or exchanges if you contact us after the above deadline has passed.

*We cannot accept returns or exchanges for the following items.

・Products that have passed more than a week since the product arrived

・Used products

・Returns when there is no defect in the product

・Products with damaged or missing products, packages, or accessories

[If a defect occurs due to our mishandling]

If the product is defective or damaged, or if there is a defect due to our mishandling, we will replace it if there is a substitute, or refund if there is not.

The procedure is as follows.

1) Please contact us by email, chat or phone.

2) We will guide you through the procedure for returning the product.

3) Please return the product to our store by cash on delivery.

* Please be sure to return the product in a way that allows you to check the "tracking number" so that the product will not be lost when returning it.

4) As soon as we confirm the arrival of the returned product, we will exchange or return the product.

[In case of exchange or return due to customer's convenience]

If you wish to change the color or size, please bear the shipping fee when returning the item. The procedures are the same as above. As soon as we confirm the arrival of the returned product, we will respond as an exchange or return of the product.

[About canceling an order]

After we have sent you the "Order Confirmation Email", we will continue to prepare for shipment. In addition, we cannot accept cancellations or order changes after the "shipment notification" after the product has been shipped. In this case, we ask for your understanding in advance that we will respond as a return due to customer's convenience.

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